Our property features luxury living and dining accommodations, a beautiful center courtyard with a walking path, lush greenery, and comfortable areas where our residents can relax in the sun and catch up on their days. Bring your favorite book to our cozy community room while warming up beside the fireplace, or enjoy a fun and invigorating fitness class with new friends.

One of the most popular features of our community is the food. Our highly-experienced Chef creates diverse menus that are sure to please every palate. True to our Southwestern roots, we love to make grilled chicken dishes, chopped salads, oven-fried chicken, parfaits, and fresh vegetables from our tower garden. Our private dining room is warm, cozy, and inviting for everyone to enjoy.

There are also a wide variety of activities to take part in. For example, several residents recently came together to make peppermint scrub gifts for tours and prospective residents!

Frontier's Award-Winning SPARK™ Program

The friendly and compassionate staff at Hawthorn Court at Ahwatukee is proud to offer our Memory Care residents the award-winning SPARK™ program.

SPARK was inspired by the teachings and research of Maria Montessori and Dr. Cameron Camp and provides meaningful and life-enhancing experiences for people with dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

Our unique program engages our residents with proven rehabilitative strategies that strive to heighten interaction, optimize cognitive skills, as well as promote a sense of purpose and accomplishment. We use tailor-fit assessment tools to evaluate each resident's capabilities and strengths, so the program can best meet their specific needs. Residents are encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities based on their personal interests and abilities.

From art classes to happy hours, stretching classes, yoga, gardening club, birthday parties, and pet therapy, SPARK has something for everyone to enjoy! Other activities include cooking classes, karaoke, wine tasting, live musical performances, tai chi, brain fitness workshops, trivia games, BBQs, picnics, and Holiday parties!

In addition, through our SPARK program, some of our residents have participated in other projects such as helping with our chicken coop where, through repetition and procedural memory, skills can be learned and improved!

Amenities at Hawthorn Court at Ahwatukee

  • Exceptional Accommodations - Our community features spacious living quarters, a private dining room, attractive common areas, a beautiful courtyard, a walking path, and beautiful, lush outdoor spaces.

  • 5-Star Cuisine - A dedicated Chef who prepares a wide variety of meals, including traditional Holiday dinners.

  • Social Outings - Residents enjoy our many stimulating activities, including cooking classes, karaoke, wine tasting, live musical performances, tai chi, brain fitness workshops, trivia games, BBQs, picnics, holiday parties, and so much more.

  • Spa Services - Residents can have manicures/pedicures done for relaxation.

  • Recognition of Residents' Birthdays - We are dedicated to celebrating our residents' birthdays and creating a fun environment for everyone.

  • Spiritual Services - Our community offers regular masses to residents, as well as protestant services, Mormon/LDS services, and Jewish services.

Choosing the Right Memory Care Community in the Phoenix Area

Finding the right Memory Care community for your loved one living with dementia or Alzheimer's disease is vitally important. Hawthorn Court at Ahwatukee offers the very best Memory Care services in the area.

If you would like to learn more about the many services and amenities that our community offers, we invite you to visit our property, take a tour and speak with our caring and friendly staff.

Our Services Include

Medical Assistance and Management
Bathing, Dressing, Grooming,
Self Enhancements
Dining and Social Activities Assistance
Regular Assessment and Service Planning
Care Condition and Healthcare Management
Life Enrichment Programming

Montessori Inspired

We all need a reason to get up in the morning. At Hawthorn Court at Ahwatukee , we understand that the keys to a life well-lived are community, inclusion and purpose. SparkTM, Inspired by Montessori Methods, places ultimate focus on supporting our resident's ideas, choices independence and empowering them to create a community that speaks to them. Our staff foster the natural spark within each individual by allowing forums for discussion, input and finally assisting in the details to make these ideas a reality regardless of deficits. Weekly resident committees, Lifelong Learning Opportunities and frequent community service projects fill our resident's days with a true with sense of purpose, contribution and belonging. Our partnership with the Center for Applied Research in Dementia ensures that our communities are thoughtfully designed, staff are adequately trained and that each element of our lifestyles program is designed to strengthen a sense of community and success.

The Foundations of a Montessori-inspired Lifestyle at Hawthorn Court at Ahwatukee:

  • Social Roles - Taking great care to ensure each individual resident has a role to fulfill within the community
  • Improving skills - Through repetition and use of procedural memory, skills can be learned or improved.
  • Progression and Setting Goals - By working on projects or learning topics over a longer period of time, residents are more engaged and successful.
  • Focusing on remaining skills: A special Montessori Assessment Tool, created by The Center for Applied Research in Dementia gives our staff a crucial glimpse into remaining skills often missed by traditional healthcare assessments.
For information about SparkTM, our innovative Life Enrichment program based on Montessori-inspired principles, click here.

For information about our innovative Life Enrichment program based on Montessori-inspired principles, click here.

Caregiver Resources

As our parents and loved ones grow older the time will come when we have to consider the options available and what's in their best interest. While some people will opt for care in a senior living facility, others will take on the responsibility of acting as the primary caregiver for their loved one. Frontier is here to help ease the assessment process and to provide you with the resources needed to make the decision best for your loved one. Read the articles below and browse the links provided to learn more about the responsibilities of a senior caregiver.

Caregiver Resources Links:

Health Care Resources

Perhaps the most significant concern as we age is our health and accessibility to health care. As we grow older it's important to concentrate on quality of life. Seniors may find themselves asking, what simple exercises can I do to live a healthier life? What are some healthy meals I can prepare for myself? Additionally, you may have questions about Medicare, health insurance, and disease education. Frontier has complied a wealth of health care resources for your convenience.

Health Care Resources Links: